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    Load LT-R and press [START]

    Here's an interesting one on an e Studio 4505AC with booklet maker:

    So my enduser prints these folded books to the booklet maker, no staples thank you.
    These booklets are a mixture of black only...
  2. [Misc] Re: HELP, wire on machine got bitten by rat. rz200

    This reminds me of an HP Pagewide XL that got daily deposits of birdseed from a bag of birdseed nearby. I found birdseed and mouse poop in various parts of the machine. Each time, the enduser told...
  3. Re: KM-3252ci black only banding issue crossfeed

    Following up. Finally got the parts and some time to go back.

    Secondary transfer roller was clean/uncontaminated. I added a little conductive grease at the contacts: no change.

    I started with...
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    Re: Bizhub 458

    bizhub 658e with PC-415, J9901 and J20-02

    Did you see this? =^..^=
  5. Re: CS-3010i intermitent black lines when printng or copying

    On Kyoceras, most crossfeed defects are accounted for by primary charge loss or arcing, or loss of drum ground. =^..^=
  6. Re: Dinosour BH-C-353 wants to scan to e-mail.

    I don't see how scan to email provides this separation they seem to desire. There is an equal amount of separation with SMB or FTP. They would only need specific rights set up to two or more share...
  7. Re: bizhub 951 - vertical grey blurry lines

    I'd put my money on the developer, yes. After 7 years, the developer may very well have degraded.

    Do you know how to do a developer change? =^..^=
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    Re: Hello from Sweden!

    Welcome! =^..^=
  9. Re: Fusing problem on C3070 repeated on different machines of same model.

    I've had to address this on a C1060.

    I'm going to assume that you're getting J31-02 or J32-02 jams.

    The enduser was running 70# Text long grain (105gsm) Arch B. This particular media massively...
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    Re: T650 Fuser problem

    I've had good experiences with this place:

    TSA World

    If Debs is still there, she'll hook you up. =^..^=
  11. Re: CS-3010i intermitent black lines when printng or copying

    I see the image behind the bars crossfeed. I agree that it's probably not the laser. Probably a high voltage, either developing bias or primary charge. The HVT (high voltage PWB) seems like the next...
  12. Re: Konica 1250 toner piles on charging unit sides after 5000 copies

    I seem to recall replacing a developing unit upper cover when the upper seal started curling back at the front and rear edges. It was around 8M prints. =^..^=
  13. Re: CS-3010i intermitent black lines when printng or copying

    That looks like a laser failure, to me. =^..^=
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    Re: 8518A, new out of box CQ issue

    Good catch!

    Just yesterday I was repairing a shredded DF mylar (Konica Minolta DF702). To get the guide off I had to strip the feed unit, and removed (5) of those red painted screws. If it had...
  15. Re: KM-3252ci black only banding issue crossfeed

    No counts are not accurate. I got the story third hand, but a board had been replaced at one point and the total count had been lost. The consumables had been replaced after that event, so those...
  16. Re: KM-3252ci black only banding issue crossfeed

    It sounds like this might not be a simple process.

    I'll add it to my list. =^..^=
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    Re: Hello from me

    Welcome! =^..^=
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    Re: Canon fax question

    I don't know about newer Canons, but 15 years ago when I worked on Canons, the machine was configured at the factory. There simply wasn't a simple way to change the original configuration. I'll be...
  19. Thread: Hi all

    by blackcat4866

    Re: Hi all

    Welcome! =^..^=
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    Re: paper - inkjet laser copier

    About the only exposure to inkjet photo paper I had was with those $199 Samsung off the shelf color printers. On at least (5) occasions these geniuses would buy a ream of inkjet photo paper and a...
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    Re: CS-5031CI yellow bandin

    That's exactly why I made it up. The U089 sample set hides a lot of sins, but you can't hide them on 11% fill. I ran it the first time on the crappy Samsung desktop I had back then, and all the 11%...
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    Re: Hi Everyone

    Welcome! =^..^=
  23. [Jamming] Re: TA 3501 Jams a Reg roller I believe 113 Jams Pic included

    Is there any latent image on the belt when it jams? Perhaps your primary transfer belt is stalling? I would have more confidence if you knew what jam code. =^..^=
  24. [Error Code] Re: Kyocera ECOSYS P6230cdn/P6130cdn - Error 7002

    Starting a new thread won't help that generic toner out of your machine. I suggest that you re-read this thread. =^..^=
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    Re: Estudio 3508A printing issue.

    Could it be something like an incorrect media type, or mismatched paper size? Are job account ID's set up?
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