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    Re: 03/04 drum rebuild kits

    Katun has re-construction Kit's that work quite well, if it is by customers who are very sybaritic (tingty) with the theme of prices for repairs.
    They do not have them for all models, but of the few...
  2. Re: Ricoh MP C307 cant print or scan to memory device

    In the installation guides and, commissioning, they usually warn that some "pendrive" or "USB sticks" may not be supported.
    I understand therefore that RICOH knows that its "controller" for the USB...
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    [Misc] Re: Problem with my copier

    You probably have the ozone fans broken.
    Change the, but don't leave them unplugged, if you smell like burn, you've changed the ones that aren't.
  4. [Error Code] Re: Ricoh mpc400 please wait message on panel

    It is expected, despite the changes the system does not start.
    If you know of a "Reballing" service, they will examine the BICU. To avoid the expense of changing the PCB.
  5. [Error Code] Re: Ricoh mpc400 please wait message on panel

    I'm sorry to let you know that you may have a "BICU" problem

    Not long ago, we suffered a similar problem with an MP C4502, did not boot the system, did not allow access to SP MODE, and only...
  6. Re: Ricoh mp301 will not print from computer

    Have you been able to access the WIN of your device?
    As it may be, it is not clear to me, whether the IP management, you do it under WIN or not.
    Doubt 2nd:
    When you access, check in the IP...
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    [Error Code] Re: IM C3500 - E32

    My apologies for the misunderstanding.
    I'm still improving my English.
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    [Error Code] Re: IM C3500 - E32

    Dear colleague, I would appreciate it if out of respect for the rules, remove from your post, such as access to "Fabrica Mode"
  9. [Misc] Re: Windows Update Has blocked print cabability!

    The WSD is disabled.
    As and commented on, not only the print wizard is closed, but the application that is making use of file that was to be printed.
    As mentioned and had to kill the Windows update...
  10. [Misc] Re: Windows Update Has blocked print cabability!

    Dear technical partners.

    Today and had a case with this incident. On 4 computers:
    1o All computers were with "PCL 6", 64-bit version.
    2nd All with Update Patch. No one could print, because the...
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    Re: Ricoh lube bar general question

    In honor of the truth, e to say that:
    - I have a bracket where I hold the metal part
    - A hair dryer that allows you to place yourself in the position that best suits me
    - When the set is "al...
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    Re: Ricoh lube bar general question

    If I'm honest with you, I've been replacing the "lubricant bars" for a long time.
    Katun has some spare parts for this one, for some models.
    What I do is order a few, I remove them (this with a lot...
  13. [Misc] Re: Windows Update Has blocked print cabability!

    I understand you perfectly.
    (Almost) All the customers, which the company I'm in, have, are contract maintenance.
    I usually take advantage of any "silly" visit, for the small details and by the way...
  14. [Misc] Re: Windows Update Has blocked print cabability!

    In principle if it only affects "PCL 5" versions, it would make the change, and you're done.
    The problem is that if Microsoft, with another patch, "fixes" this bug, who says that the other drivers...
  15. Re: Ricoh MP7500 - During the copying, the value of Vref did not change

    The Developer may be defective, or not OEM.
    Have you only changed the Developer?
    Didn't you do the Full Preventive?
    You should keep in mind that, along with the Developer, you should add the rest...
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    [Electrical] Re: MP4000 machine not wake up

    Technical Companion.
    If the firmware update wasn't effective, I recommend this.
    - Turn off power saving mode.
    - If the client has any glues as much program the screen shutdown in short period....
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    Re: MP 3350 FAX ISSUE

    In FAX settings, you have some parameter configured to forward the RX to storage service???
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    Re: c3002 "add toner" new developerbox

    I know the question is going to be very obvious, but is toner OEM?

    1st - Cancels the warning, toner detection.
    2a -Prints the Printer's color pattern.
    3a -a - If the color does not come out...
  19. Re: SP registration data outprint mpc3002 (f.i.)

    What data do you mean by drawers, bypass and ADF???
    If you mean the jams/incidents you find it at 5-990-04
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    Re: More Detailed Lines/streaks problem

    If you have cleaned the "Charge Roller", and the defect still appears, check the "Drum" margin corresponding to that part of the print.
    It may be marked in some repair if the drum turned badly and...
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    Re: Ricoh MP2550 with SC672 Error

    This post is 5 years old, please open a new one with your problem, so we can help each other.
    As advice, you decide what to do.
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    Re: imc3000 grayscale printing

    It may seem like a no-brainer, but have you tried different tests with the options the device offers?
    From what I understand from your case, it is that when you "scan", the grays are not represented...
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    Re: Mp c4502 scan to smb problem

    Dear fellows.
    I do not recommend, nor would I recommend sending files by WhatsApp, nor means of messaging.
    There are more than proven reasons for security flaws in our mobile devices, because of...
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    Re: Mpc4503 itb running off to the rear

    As much as possible, could you show an image of the area or position of the tear?
    If you don't get it wrong, you've already replaced it several times, always in the same area?
    You've checked the...
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    Re: mpc3502 thermisters

    Sorry about the confusion. xD hahaha!!!
    I was simply making a complaint from the recent parts catalogues, a few years ago. The 3D format, I find bad to anger, to be able to identify certain pieces...
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