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    MX-M283n  e7-90 codes followed by not booting up

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    MX-M283n e7-90 codes followed by not booting up

    Hello all,
    Customers mx-m 283 has thrown E7-90 codes twice in the past couple weeks, each time the code went away after cycling the power.
    but today I get a call and the unit is stuck at the first please wait and language display screen, it is not booting past that point.
    Tomorrow I will get there for the service call and will try first reseating connectors and MFP. I have read about some possible causes such as boot roms, PCU and or MFP boards and even the HDD. Has anyone faced a similar issue? If so, any help is appreciated
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    Re: MX-M283n e7-90 codes followed by not booting up

    First thing I would do is try is re-seating the PCU PWB. Reboot and see what happens. If problem continues, then I would do an emergency firmware update using the CN update function.

    In the service manual page 7-3, [7] Firmware Update > 2. Update Procedure > D. Firmware update using the CN update function.

    I use the DipSwitch method.
    Good luck.

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