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    Re: MX-5141N Depleted Cyan Developer After Replacement

    Quote Originally Posted by driving lots of miles View Post
    We have always used original Sharp Toners and Developers and still had this issue on 2 machines.
    We ALWAYS use OEM also, and still, if the waste toner box has these seals that are mahed down it will do this! This is a known problem recognized by Sharp. The fix is to restart developer, rebuild PCU and replace with new waste toner box. If you do not do this, you will have problems! Follow these guidelines and it will solve your problem.
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    Re: MX-5141N Depleted Cyan Developer After Replacement

    I have worked on 100's of these machines and encountered this issue and even escalated to our DSS with Sharp. Here is what we have found fixes it.

    1.check to make sure drum malt at front is attached properly and not worn or falling apart . heres the part number PMLT-2166FCZZ

    2. make sure to only use Sharp waste toner containers. we have found the the auger inside aftermarket ones are shaped differently and allow the toner to backup into the drum unit and on grid where it causes dv to pull.

    3. Unit must have new style drum unit.....look for grey square on front frame of unit. Most Virgo2 have this.

    4. Make sure the DV units have the covers with the larger filters....not the small ones. there is a bulletin for this and mod parts going all the way back to Cjupiter2

    5. Change all DV and drums and mk kits out if you get a pull situation. The drums get micro pitted from developer on their surfaces and will continue to pull. It is best practice to change all color DV together regardless and black on its own cycle.

    6. Firmware updated to latest version

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