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    Lightbulb Same parts? AR-M455N and MX-M753N

    So, the 753's has a pressure roller that looks, feels, and has the same dimensions of a 455LH. Even the material looks and definitely feels the same. I'm super curious if anyone has tried using the 455 pressure roller on this faster 75ppm MFP.

    Reasoning: The cost is significantly different...

    I know SHARP likes to assign different part numbers for the EXACT same item. So, I'm curious if this is another one.

    Any input, would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks!

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    Same parts? AR-M455N and MX-M753N

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    Re: Same parts? AR-M455N and MX-M753N

    I looked at both from several sources. The 1341 roller only appears in the parts lists for 45 PPM boxes and slower. The 1840 shows under the 62-75 page per minute machines.

    That's quite a difference in to play it safe I wouldn't chance it.

    Maybe someone else will have more information than I do.... Good luck.

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    Re: Same parts? AR-M455N and MX-M753N

    We use the AR620LH with the MXM753 series not the same roller but works somewhat better than the MX753LH roller. Dimensions are the same with both, the 620 roller has a firmer feel and lasts longer with less noise problems.

    Good luck


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    Re: Same parts? AR-M455N and MX-M753N

    use the Sharp AR620LH as stated by bil. After market ones are crap. do yourself a favor and get oem for UH and LH. they will run way longer.

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