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    M503N intermittent F1-08 finisher code ???

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    M503N intermittent F1-08 finisher code ???

    Does anyone know what the fix actually is for the internal finisher code F1-08 ?
    I have a MX-M503N that every 5 or 6 months will throw this code, a per call customer so can't just be swapping a bunch of parts in and out.
    I have blown the finisher out with air, lubed the stapler rail, checked the stapler several times, replaced the staple cartridge several times....
    Two or three times a year keeps throwing F1-08, any help???

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    M503N intermittent F1-08 finisher code ???

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    Re: M503N intermittent F1-08 finisher code ???

    Sounds like you've covered all your bases.....

    One this to be aware of is that model finisher has different versions of firmware depending on model of base machine.

    So you may want to check and see if finisher has correct firmware for a 503

    Jupiter 3 [MX-M363N/MX-M453N/MX-M503N] use file name jup3_up_inner2_010202.sfu
    C Jupiter [MX-4100N/MX-4101N/MX-5001N] use file name cjup2_up_inner2_010202.sfu
    Pastel 2 [MX-2600N/<MX-3100N] use filename pas2_up_inner2_010202.sfu

    I don't know that a firmware mismatch would cause your issue but worth a shot.

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    Re: M503N intermittent F1-08 finisher code ???

    There is a bulletin (MFP-TB-473) for this error for the MXFN10 finisher which basically has you chance the stapler rotation shaft and bushing to the new style and then update the firmware as well as apply the correct grease. (Super Lube gray tube)
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