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    MX3060 User Codes and Airprint

    Hope someone can help with this?

    ive set up a MX3060 with user codes, just using the 5 digit user number to restrict unauthorised use, all very simple and all works fine until they come to use AirPrint from their phones. The phone finds the machine ok and when you click print you get a message appear on the phone asking for user name and password? As far as I know I havenít set any user names up, I simply ticked the user number and entered a 5 digit code? If I turn user codes off, then AirPrint works fine, but switch back on and it asks for user name and password?. Iím confused with this

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    MX3060 User Codes and Airprint

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    Re: MX3060 User Codes and Airprint

    Airprint does not support the 5 digit pin code

    With accounting turned on using only pin code.....when using Airprint and asked for user and pass ...... use admin admin

    If they want to track prints from phone you will have to set up user names and passwords

    See the following
    Sharp Airprint

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