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Thread: MX-3110 L-4-06

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    MX-3110 L-4-06

    We have a MX-3110 that has had multiple instances of L-4-06 Transfer unit lift trouble.
    The machine has made a few trips back to our shop where we have cleaned Transfer position sensors, replaced PCU Board and the Primary transfer unit and the Main drive unit.
    The PCU didn't help but after replacing Main drive with used on it ran several thousand copies before failing then we put a new main drive unit in and it has ran several thousand prints again but customer called back today with same issue.

    Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    MX-3110 L-4-06

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    Re: MX-3110 L-4-06

    You mention you have cleaned the transfer unit sensors, have you replaced the transfer unit sensors with new ones? Have you pulled out the toner pipes and made sure they are the updated ones? The updated ones will have a black dot for yellow and black pipes, magenta and cyan will have white dots, Sharp updated them with larger seals due them dusting the 1 tud_K sensor causing false L4-06 errors. If you have not replaced the sensors, (1 tud_K and CL) I would start there and check the harness connected to them.
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    Re: MX-3110 L-4-06

    the toner chutes leak, as mentioned above, dusting the position sensors with toner, ive had it a couple of times

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