Two machines. Both giving message Board Sync Error: PCU. One has IcuM Rom Unusual. Both show PCUM as blank during version check and CPFL rom unusual. Happened on one initially while on site. Would boot but randomly go to Emergency Program Init with bottom half of Sharp Logo turning black. All 3+1 LED (one board has a 5th) on MFP light. Swapping PCU did nothing but 2nd machine acted up when swapping 2nd rom chip.

Moved MFP pwb to from machine which would boot and randomly act up to 2nd machine which wouldn't boot at all and 2nd machine booted. Then started acting up. Would MFP rom chips throw a Board Sync Error:PCU?

Do have an MX-M453N which is working if need to do ROM flashes. Would also purchase new ROMs if someone has seen this on these machines. One MX-M363N is still booting some of the time.