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    MX-3071 jams TRAY2 / C1PFD_N2

    We have a NEW machine that keeps giving us jams.

    jamcodes: TRAY2 or C1PFD_N2

    A while ago, we had the same with tray3 and C1PFD_N3 on another machine, also brand new.

    Here the problem was solved by replacing the entire paper feed unit with a new one.

    We cant seem to locate the actual problem.

    Anyone here who has the same problems?

    btw: FW is up to date

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    Re: MX-3071 jams TRAY2 / C1PFD_N2

    We recently had something similar on a new install. 2 problems actually the first one was a connector was not completely seated and the second was one of the sensors was damaged either during manufacture or install. The sensors on the new paper feed units are exposed and are very easy to dislodge and damage.

    Good luck


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    Re: MX-3071 jams TRAY2 / C1PFD_N2

    make sure to do the 50-10 adjustments for the trays since these dont have 50-28. tolerances are 4mm and 2mm. basically they should be the same on each side and the opposite matching those measurements.

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    MX-3071 jams  TRAY2 / C1PFD_N2

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    Re: MX-3071 jams TRAY2 / C1PFD_N2

    These are reflective sensors so the side doors need to be blown out of paper dust. This got me a while back.

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