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Thread: Sharp MX-M654N

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    Sharp MX-M654N

    Sharp MX-M654N - what are your thoughts on this machine, would one with 51,000 on meter. anything to look for

    ty guys

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    Re: Sharp MX-M654N

    Based on a handful of examples, they are great machines. They handle a large volume mostly trouble-free, and the maintenance interval is high. It's one model old (current is MXM6570) but internally they're almost identical.

    As for issues: we've had a few almost new machines develop a C1-00 error, which downs the machine. The fix is to replace an inexpensive part (main charger). Easy to change.. an end-user could do it with instructions in a pinch.

    Also the tandem cassette drive clutches don't seem quite as robust as on its obsolete predecessor MXM623/753, but 51k is nothing, and overall this machine is a tank. Fuser maintenance is easier than on the old model, and the user interface and feature set is much better (built in wifi, etc).

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    Re: Sharp MX-M654N

    Very good machine
    Couple machines over 3milion prints without big problems:-)

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    Re: Sharp MX-M654N

    Excellent machine.....recognized among all manufacturers as a top performer and robust beast in the segment. Pretty technician friendly....stay up on the maintenance and you will be fine. My machines normally make it PM to PM without any issues. I would say stick to OEM toner and supplies as that seems to be one of the factors in the machines running well. When you get it...make sure the finisher and accessories are level....that is important. Dont use the plastic on the machine as a leveling guide cause sometimes that will look level and the finisher is not. Doing this will cut out headaches. Be sure to recommend some decent paper also. These machines are like a corvette, and run better when you feed them the right stuff....just the opinion of a senior 12 year sharp certified master tech...take it for what its worth.

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