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    Status Message by E-mail Request Setup

    Any of you have any idea what this does exactly?

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    Re: Status Message by E-mail Request Setup

    You set the schedule you want and the email address to send the information to.

    The information it sends is the page counts, if you have a customer that is charged by the page count you can get them sent to you by the machine.

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    Status Message by E-mail Request Setup

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    Re: Status Message by E-mail Request Setup

    I believe(I have never used) this will allow you to request the status page via email.

    Standard set up tells the machine to send a status message at a predetermined interval.

    With Status Message by E-mail request, it will send a status report when requested by email.

    So you have to set up an email account for the copier to monitor. Example

    When the copier receives an email with a request for status the machine will reply with a status page.

    I'm not sure of exact phrasing that must be used..... my assumption is that a particular phrase must be sent in either subject and/or body of email in order to trigger this response.

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    Re: Status Message by E-mail Request Setup

    I use this function on all my sharps in the field, works very well, If you do set it up to receive meter readings then remember to set up for both schedule 1 and 2 and choose dates 3 days apart to straddle the weekends. We set our machines up for the 23rd & 26th of every month, so if the 23rd is on a weekend then the 26th will be a work day, hope that makes sense.

    also on the newer machines MX2640 type onwards as you can also specify alert emails for low toner etc, which is useful too.

    happy to help with set up instructions if you need them.

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