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    Sharp MX 2010u tonner version

    i would like to order tonner for Sharp MX 2010U and the supplier is asking me to provide my tonner chip version (which i dont know/ dont know how to find it) in other to get me the correct tonner for my Copier..

    his requeset sound logic to me because. i orded a set of tonner from the US and all the 4 seems incompatibe (both the compatibel and OEM tonners) to my copier. all thrawing tonner error code.

    so i wanted to try from Alibaba and they are resquesting for my version.
    so please someone should guide me on how to get the version. i am a technician but not so good with Sharp
    i am well trained and experienced with canon and hp

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    Re: Sharp MX 2010u tonner version

    just mention your country to the seller, it is known that Sharp regionalizes its supplies.
    and a toner cartridge for U.S. won't work in Asia or Europe, because different market regions.
    If you are, say in Vietnam, the guy selling you the chip will know you need a chip for "Asia" or "Asia Pacific" region (is just an example, better ask him).

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    Re: Sharp MX 2010u tonner version

    Is he providing OEMs? or compats?

    This night help!


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