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    Re: Printer MX-4111 not turning on

    Orange light means something is up with the dc power supply. Replace that. They are known to go bad. Same thing for cycling green orange light.

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    Printer MX-4111 not turning on

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    Re: Printer MX-4111 not turning on

    Thank you all for your help! We managed to find the problem, it turns out that their electricity on their building was not sending enough to the machine. When we brought their machine to our shop it worked fine. We ended up replacing the harddrive and SD card

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    Re: Printer MX-4111 not turning on

    Current or voltage? I hate fighting the battle of low or dipping current. I have found most electricains know less than me when I try to explain the problem is likely a lack of current. Nope, they say, it's a steady 120 volts. Ugh!

    I had a call for fuser temp errors and went round and round with an engineer at the local electric company who had put their copier on a spooled up 100' extension cord. He was at least 30 years my senior and got all scientific on me. I told him I would be happy to return when they plugged it back into an outlet.

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