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    MX-B427PW tray config


    we are seeing some strange things with these printers.

    On multiple printers with multiple client, the traysettings get changed for no obvious reason.

    Tray1 size switches to 'universal' which causes the printer to ask for paper in the MFtray (A4 custom type 6).

    device - maintenance - config menu - show tray insert message is off, so the user cannot accidently change the paper size

    Tray 1 is set to A4

    Why does it keep changing?
    2023-11-21 15_03_12-SHARP MX-B427PW.jpg2023-11-21 15_14_45-SHARP MX-B427PW.jpg

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    Re: MX-B427PW tray config

    We only have sold a handful of these, and haven't had a lot of issues, other than the fact that the maintenance counters eventually will disappear if the customer ignores it long enough. The maintenance is supposed to be like 20k for the drum unit, and we have one that went from 30k up to 80k without replacement, and nobody called about the maintenance counter and when we went on site it wasn't even showing on screen.

    As for your issue, haven't really had any issues like this, on the printer or MFP model(MFP Model can go burn in a fiery pit of death).

    I would suggest firmware updates to the latest version, and seeing if there's any weird software out there that can control printers.

    Otherwise, those printers are probably possessed like the MFP model is.

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