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Thread: PM Inbox

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    PM Inbox

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    Re: PM Inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by slimslob View Post
    Is this merely what you can remember of the error or is it exactly what was on your screen the last time you had the error? If it is exactly what was on your screen have you posted it in Site Feedback and Questions? If you posted, did you specified the time it occurred as exactly as you could to include the time zone? Also when you post, be sure to include the IP address and MAC of the device you were using and any other information that would help Aneurysm locate the incident in the server log. One more thing, have you been using an internet VPN as it could cause the problem.

    Remember, Aneurysm is currently the only admin and to my knowledge there are no current Moderators. He also has his own full time job, social life and family life so it might take some time before he gets back to you.

    No VPN

    Posts are exactly what received.
    Does not happen on any other site I have visited.
    Admin already notified.
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    Re: PM Inbox

    Quote Originally Posted by teckat View Post
    Is there a way to set up having PM go directly to my personal eMail in place of going to Inbox

    Hate the "Inbox" does not open because of those gateway errors
    The default is to have a notification sent to your email when something hit's your inbox, I don't think there's an option to skip the inbox altogether but I'll take a look.
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