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Thread: DI 450 parts

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    DI 450 parts

    Hello everyone I'm looking for some parts that are no longer available I need a aidc sensor part number 1136-0107-01 and anti spill mylar 1013-5524-01 any help would be much appreciated I know it's a shot in the dark I figured I'll take it thanks again Kevin

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    DI 450 parts

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    Re: DI 450 parts

    If nobody else jumps in, I still have loads of the Antispill Plate 1013-5524-01. Can send one or more to you. You would have to carry the postal charges Germany>USA though.
    AIDC sensor 1136-0107-01 is unknown in the manual. According to my inventory system, it should be #1149-0107-01

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