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    eStudio 5055c RADF Light Copies

    Good morning/day/evening folks. Got a quick one to run past as see if anyone else has come across this before.

    Machine is 5055c
    Options are the RADF, LCF and Saddle Finisher.
    Firmware is current.
    Around 120k col counts, 200k blk
    Its recently had a full set of image units, ITB & Blade and a Fuser Unit(Only due to the screws wriggling out from the shroud and damaging the belt)

    Customer logged a job saying the copies fed from the RADF are missing colors and is generally light. However doing the same scan from the glass is fine, colors show up fine and density is correct. The copies in question were building plans, so alot of different shaded areas ect. Any prints are also fine. The issue is only when using the RADF. Its as if the density is almost cut in half. I'll see if i can dig up some samples.

    The image remains the same light image on Black, Full Color and Auto colour settings. Manually adjusting the exposure makes no difference to the copy from the RADF but does when done from the glass.
    05-7025/6 (Background offsetting for RADF) makes no difference.

    I've done all the calibrations, height adjustments, ect, adjusted the log table switching to use the same as the glass, no difference.

    I know on the new DSDF's, there is a new calibration procedure you can do, but nothing exists on the early wiess that i can tell thats specific to the RADF.

    Could it be the RADF control board is playing up? I'm going to throw another RADF on the machine tomorrow, and do a factory default on it, including the entire 05/08 codes, just in case some other tech went fiddling.

    Got me buggered, any thoughts?

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    Re: eStudio 5055c RADF Light Copies

    You may want to try Carriage position adjustment during scanning from RADF 05-3046 (black) and 05-3047 (colour)

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