I have literally setup dozens of these without issue, but had one yesterday that's bugging me.
Scan to email fails with 2501 or 2504 codes (Syntax error in parameters or arguments HOST NAME error (RFC: 501) Destination mail address error (RFC: 501) Terminal mail address error (RFC: 501)
Not the usual user/pass error codes you usually see. Get 2501 without encryption and 2505 with encryption. Firmware flashed during troubleshooting so unit is "latest and greatest".
After testing the parameters on our machine and network, settings are solid. This leads me to believe it pertains to their network and possible redundancy within it as this error pertains to hostname. I also see a reference to the SYS board but not keen on changing the board for an email issue...nice try Toshiba parts department

Anybody else ever seen these codes ?