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    Toshiba E Studio 356

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    Toshiba E Studio 356

    Good morning all
    Hope everyone is Happy ,Healthy & at peace. Long Long time between posts, once again i come to glean off the best techs on the planet.
    I have a customer with a Toshiba e Studio 356 with the maintenance lite on. The quality on machine is ok, Is there anything I need to replace as I don`t see any specific maintenance kits for this machine.
    I saw a procedure to reset maintenance: Hold 0 8 Keys
    Turn Power on
    Press ok
    Enter 6190
    The procedure took me thru a few more steps, Would this be the correct way to reset?

    PS- they are also getting a erratic registration sometimes 1/3 page off, Is the registration clutch easy to clean?


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    Toshiba E Studio 356

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    Re: Toshiba E Studio 356

    Toshiba Tec Japan no longer supports this model as it was discontinued more than seven years ago.

    You may still be able to find parts and 3rd party generic toner.

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    Toshiba E Studio 356

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    Re: Toshiba E Studio 356

    I would recommend printing out the PM List to see what parts might be due for replacement. When machine is off, hold down the 9 + Start and turn on. Once the machine has powered back up in List Mode type in 103 and press Start. That will print out your list. To reset parts that you do replace, power off - hold down 6 + Start. This will give you access to the PM Counters.

    The reg clutch is very easy to access. Take off back cover, remove flywheel, and you'll see a black plastic cover holding the clutch. Those clutches were known to fail, so it may require replacement. But certainly wouldn't hurt to clean up the clutch and shaft and see how it works afterwards.
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    Toshiba E Studio 356

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    Re: Toshiba E Studio 356

    Hi Andy. This model is indeed obsolete, but you may be able to find the basic PM parts. I'm PM you a list of things to look for.

    The common causes of image registration variation includes:

    On 4th and later prints image registration is early by up to 35mm. Registration clutch is magnetized, staying actuated between prints. Replace registration clutch (6LE5721000). Perform image adjustments.

    Image registration is early by 5 > 23˝mm only from tray #2. May be accompanied by marks in the feed direction, pattern repeats at 109.3mm intervals. E020 misfeeds. Inadequate loop adjustment for tray #2. The resulting images often result in E020 jams since there is no lead edge void. Enduser damages the heat roller with a sharp object. No improvement to image registration by replacing tray #2 feed clutch, or by shimming the lower right door latch with two washers each side (to add spring pressure to the vertical path idlers), and cleaning vertical path rollers and registration rollers. Increase tray #2 loop 05-452-2 ("14" bulletin value increase to "16" factory setting which can cause Z-folding on some machines). Adjust sub-scan write start lower tray 05-441. Replace fuser kit or heat roller only.

    Misfeeds (E010, E020). Image registration is early by up to 16mm. Registration clutch slips. No lead edge void. Clean or replace registration clutch (6LE57210000). Adj printing lead edge registration: 05-440. Adj lead edge void: 05-430.

    Misfeeds (E010, E020) every copy and print from every tray. After cleaning, image registration is early by up to 35mm, with a 35 to 60mm paper skew. Rubber registration roller does not contact the metal registration roller at the front. To confirm, remove the imaging unit and close the right door with LT paper between the rollers. The paper may be snug at the rear, but loose at the front. Remove broken door support strap, blocking the door from closing at the front.

    Misfeeds (E010, E020). Enduser has samples of image registration early by up to 30mm, which I believe are doublefeeds. Worn tray #1 paper feed rollers at 68K feeds. Replace tray #1 rollers (6LH34608000) and pickup clutch (6LH53742000).

    Image is 4-6mm early, leaving no leading edge and catching the fuser claws. Misfeeds (EB50, E020) from tray #1, after long wait. When the pickup clutch slips, paper comes in late at the registration roller. The resulting image is 4-6mm early, leaving no leading edge and catching the fuser claws, or arrives too late at the registration roller. Adjusting print sub-scan start 05-4058 even setting to '0' is not far enough. Replace tray #1 pickup clutch (6LH53742000), and two broken fuser claws. Perform image adjustments to achieve 4mm leading edge void.

    Misfeeds (EB50, E020) from both trays. Image registration is early by 15mm to 28mm from both trays. Compression blur at 49mm from the leading edge. Registration clutch magnetizes, and paper comes in early at the registration roller. Adjusting print sub-scan start 05-4058 even setting to '15' is not far enough. Adjusting tray #1 loop 05-4100-2 (default 37) improves only the first page. Replace the registration clutch (6LE57210000). Perform image adjustments to achieve 4mm leading edge void.

    The pickup and registration clutches are easily accessible, and cleanable. Be careful not to distort the brass retaining rings pressed onto the registration clutch. Pry them off carefully, so that you can tap them back on with the butt of your screwdriver (only flush, make sure the clutch still turns freely). The pickup clutches can be disassembled by squeezing the plastic tabs at the bore of the clutch.

    These are pretty solid machines, and many of the current Reuss Series parts fit. =^..^=
    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.
    5) You are the person onsite. Only you can make observations.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=

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