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    Re: Xerox 7830, stuck booting

    I know some of the big Konicas can have issues where you are loading old firmware so you can start upgrading to newer and load special files. I have been lucky to avoid those calls. I liked the old 2510's. Swap the card with another and you were done.
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    Re: Xerox 7830, stuck booting

    Quote Originally Posted by fixthecopier View Post
    Forgive me for asking without seeing the machine first. Cust was gone before I got there. Was reported as stuck on green screen. I had a call on an older Xerox about 5 or 6 years ago and it was the dimm memory. Then I went to Xerox school. First call was stuck on boot screen. I used the raps and Xerox tech support and wound up changing all the boards. Did not fix. I then found that by pulling out and reseating everything several times , I got it to boot. Colors sucked, and that is how I found the issue was with the magenta drum. Since I only get a few Xerox calls a year, my question is, is there a usual starting point for this issue or should I just follow the reps and call tech support.
    That usually means the hard drive is going bad or already bad, start with your edoc or service manual under general procedures, perform a software altboot, if that fails then do a forced altboot, if that fails do a forced altboot with disable data backup, all in the general procedure section of the manual. I you went to xerox school they had to teach you this to certify you to work on machines. if the software fails after all that, then replace the hard drive then do a regular altboot and the machine should boot up

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