So, as part of my "payment" for a 3rd-party service call, I got to keep 2 Xerox 6655i color MFP's. The question is whether or not I can (or should) resell them to recoup my costs and, hopefully, put a little coin in my pocket. As an aside, the one unit has only 20K on the meter and the other only 13K; really, just kittens.

The problem is that I don't really know these models. The few service tickets I've done on them were, while very profitable to me, sorta nightmarish. I'm not sure I even have the proper manuals. Still, that may be OK anyway as I could just refer the buyers to Xerox for service. Unfortunately, the cost of toners is obscene! I knew Xerox liked to rape it's customers but, man! I can't do that friend or stranger.

So, if the machine would use generic toners, it might be doable, but I'm concerned about "Metered" and "Sold" statuses and whether I can get the machine in that state without incurring a lot of expense. (Seems to me that requiring the user to purchase Xerox supplies -- in any way -- is a violation of federal law, but I certainly can't fight them in court!). An acquaintance, who is a Xerox service rep, can't explain the differences and certainly can't tell me how to change it, so it doesn't look good.

Thoughts? Any advice is greatly appreciated.