Good afternoon.

I've been an owner of a Xerox Phaser 6600 V/N for quite a while. Sadly it can only print one sided.

Now I have found and bought a brand new Phaser 6600V/DNM on the web from a private seller. This is a Duplex version of that same Phaser.
Since it has never been used I'm now stuck on the first boot.
Printer is asking for the 4 digit activation code.

I don't have a service plan contract so I don't have a code. It is not my intention to use METERED toners since I have 2 sets of brand new SOLD toner cartridges from my first printer.

If I replace the toner in the METERED machine with the SOLD toner, will it automatically switch to a non-metered machine?
Do I still need that code after installing the SOLD cartridges?

Thanks in advance.