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    Xerox Phaser 7100dn

    Not a Xerox tech!
    I replaced a customers fuser unit and now it asking to reser fuser unit, How do I access service mode to reset? or do I need special software?

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Xerox Phaser 7100dn

    Well like you said you are not a Xerox Tech, so I don't know if you will or wont follow what I am going to tell you.
    1. Go into Xerox diagnostics.

    Entering Service Diagnostics
    1. Press and hold Right Arrow.
    2. Press and hold Left Arrow.
    3. Release both buttons.
    4. Press Online within 3 seconds. The Diagnostics Preventive Diag screen appears.


    1. Press Right Arrow to display Preventive Diag DC122 SDHistory.
    2. Press Down Arrow and navigate to Preventive Diag DC135 HFSI.
    3. Press Right Arrow and navigate to DC135 HFSI ResetCurrentVal.
    4. Press Right Arrow and navigate to Reset Current Val 000-000 screen.


    ResetCurrentVal of the fuser 950-880

    You should be good to go.

    Good luck

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