Hello Hello!
We have a confounding problem. We have been running our xerox 700i for about 9 years. We have actively maintained the machine. Most of the internals have been replaced over the years. We always use OEM Toners/Developers/Drums. Recently we received a bad batch of black toner. It clumped up and clogged the black drum so badly that a gear inside the drum snapped ( we took it apart to see what happened).

Our prints started having freckles all over them. See the yellow print I've attached. When we looked at the drum it lIMG_7526 (2).jpgooked like someone sneezed on it.

We had the machine opened up and thoroughly vacuumed. The black developer housing was replaced, and new developer was added. The toner delivery system was cleaned. Both black toners were removed and brand new OEM toners installed. A brand new OEM Drum was installed. First day of printing, no spots. Now all of a sudden the same thing. At first it was only two spots. The more we print the more spots appear on the drum.

We are confounded. The second image is a white sheet printed today which shows the re-emerging dot pattern.

The machine has had the following parts replaced within the last 3-6 months: IBT Belt, CMYK Dev Housing, CMYK Developer, 2nd IBT, Fuser, (assorted worn rollers), all the filters, Back Up Roll (BUR) Housing Assembly, and Drums (due to normal wear and tear)

Any insight/direction would be appreciated.

IMG_7527 (1).jpg