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    Re: Fiery & Xerox issues

    I tend to set auto update at 0300 or something, and it will do all the necessary reboots after each one, and be done by morning.

    I've only ever had one fiery motherboard fail on me in my 16 years of doing this. I've never had a bad spectro.

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    Re: Fiery & Xerox issues

    Between Patch and update are deferent.
    update mostly are Plugin and it can be done by auto or manual, Patch should be done by manual install and download.
    In fiery should be shown Error Led Code depends on fiery model you have.
    You can join to EFI Fiery comunnity for webbinars, tell your spesified problem there.
    Most of fiery issue are on HDD, try to connect the fiery (BUSTLED) on PC Monitor from VGA port to analyse the problem.
    important to do is always doing clone image for any resons. you can restore the image to new hdd

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    Re: Fiery & Xerox issues

    Quote Originally Posted by Rusty.Harris View Post
    Our I.T. guy is about to pull his hair out. He has dealt with Fiery on Konica for YEARS and not had any issues with
    them interfacing into the Konica machines.
    But, since we took on Xerox about 2 years ago, he's just about to go nuts. Most of the issues are they drop communications
    with the machine. It's like the fiery and the Xerox are two small kids that need to have their parents come take em behind
    the woodshed and give em a stern "talking to".
    Our I.T. guy has been to Toshiba & Konica "fiery" school. He said it's mostly 1 day on hardware and 4 days on how to change
    the colors. He needs information on the "inner workings" of the communications between the Fiery & the Xerox machines.

    Does anyone know of any "non sales" information, webinars etc he could access?


    what exactly do you need?

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