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    Xerox versant 3100 engineer code


    Im looking for some help please,
    recently bought a used xerox versant 3100. We just got an error for fuser assembly.
    im looking to get into the service/engineers menu via the login.

    does anyone know the code for this? We are not in a xerox contract so they won’t help us.

    thank you

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    Re: Xerox versant 3100 engineer code

    Haven't worked with the 3100, but on pretty much all Xerox machine, hold the 0 key for 8 seconds, hold it while you press the green start key, and enter 6789 as code. Diagnotiscs should be unlocked in utilities.

    Don't do anything there unless you know what you are doing.

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    Re: Xerox versant 3100 engineer code

    It is indeed the same as all others. That said, running a 3100 with no service contract, and a key user who doesn't even know how to get into service mode, is asking for trouble.

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