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    Anyone get edocs to work with MS Edge?

    I can get the "home" page of gsn to come up, by going to
    /XEROX/XPWS/DATA/HOME/home.htm and obviously get to the GSN "start"
    I'm guessing because everything is in java, is why you can't get any of the edocs to open?

    October, when Win11 is "suppose" to be released will be here soon enough. I installed it
    on a VM and if you search for internet explorer, it is NOT found because they don't support
    it and removed it. I'm trying to get ahead of the curve because Xerox hasn't said anything
    that I've heard, about win11/edocs etc.

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    Re: Anyone get edocs to work with MS Edge?

    My guess would be that because you can't navigate using the proper plugins, there's also no GSN Lock check ability so you really won't be able to view anything.

    Their best bet if they want speed and to retain a similar working method and control, would be a chrome plugin. They created a chrome plugin for the app gallery installer.

    They may be able to get a Chrome plugin working with GSN Lock, and basically just switch browser.

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    Re: Anyone get edocs to work with MS Edge?

    Hi all,

    The sad news is that the GSN and PWS software was all written around IE. With the support for IE stopping in the foreseeable/near future, the development team have got a monumental task ahead to do a complete rewrite from the ground up of the electronic documentation.


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