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11-30-2010, 10:46 PM
2 questions. will the bizhub 601 scan without using any kits, such as hdd? I have a price list and a specification and installation guide and went through it. and did not find my answer. I know they say the hdd 510 is highly recommended for print/scan to user boxes and also print/scan and pdf tiff xps direct print. I know it would be a good idea. but is it necesarry?
next. in a office environment when someone is say. scanning 15,000 pages per month. but you can not charge per click because it is not using any clicks to do this. how do we get around this. andhow would a company charge for the usage on the feed tires etc in the df? this is not just on a bizhub 601 but a general question on all scanning in the field. I appreciate your thoughts. and sorry if I asked this in the wrong forum


11-30-2010, 10:51 PM
Although I can't help you on the 601 since I have no experience, I can tell how we work based on clicks.

As a rule of thumb, if a customer is making more copies/prints than scans, we don't charge for scans. We consider that when the customer prints, he doesn't use the RADF or the optics, so it kind of balances everything. If we ever get a customer who mainly scans and prints/copies very few clicks, then we can consider charging for scans, but we never got any such customer so far.

Mr Spock
12-01-2010, 12:58 AM
I believe the hdd is required for the user box scans. Also it is used for multipage pdf's single page are not needed.
As to the cost I have one that scans 3 to 1 print and the manager set the cost at 1.5 times normal rate to cover the excess wear and tear of the feeder.

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