View Full Version : C25 can't select tray 2 for incoming faxes.

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09-21-2013, 01:01 AM
Previously the faxes have printed from tray 2 letter.

In utility/paper setup I checked the tray settings. Tray 1 = legal/plain. Tray 2 = letter/plain

Error light on saying "Check Fax Mode". When I go into fax mode it says to load paper tray 1 legal.

In Fax Rx Operation/Select tray it shows tray 1 highlighted. I choose tray 2 then enable and it says accepted, but the change doesn't take effect. Still on tray 1. I even selected tray 1 and select disable then tray 2 enable makes no effect.

For now they have to change tray 1 to letter and put paper in this tray to get the faxes out.

Why doesn't the setting take effect.

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