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12-03-2014, 07:58 PM
I will try to attatch a pic. this machine was delivered 4 months ago and was not tipped at all. and the ground beneath it is very flat. but the developer or toner. has ran out the back of the dv unit. just was looking for an opinion as to if this is just a bad dv unit? 15k total on machine. copiers are still pretty good. there is a little background I cant get out of the copy view. thanks

12-03-2014, 08:05 PM
Looks like the rear seal could be damaged Brent and/or the bias is leaking. The background could explain the latter too.


12-04-2014, 12:01 AM
Had one of this model pull and dump developer.... finally changed the Hi voltage board and it has worked fine since. Easy job and not that expensive.

12-04-2014, 01:54 AM
Just my opinion I haven't seen anything this severe with this model but I haven't had any HV problems myself. I would first replace the drum, developing unit, and developer. Then see how it does. Make sure it is done by someone who is trained as there are specific steps to replace these parts.

12-04-2014, 02:34 AM
You should be able to tell right away if it's a simple seal issue leaking developer. If you have a severe enough charge leak to pull that much developer, you'd have visible arc marks and burn marks on the frame where it was grounding out.

My guess is that you've picked up a foreign object that unfortunately is ferrous (magnetic). That object is probably wedged under the doctor blade causing friction and vibration, that's causing the developer dump. If it were my machine I would disassemble and clean the developing unit completely, and re-start it with new developer (assuming, of course, that the rear seals look OK). The confirmation of this ferrous foreign object will be burn marks on the mag roller in a row rotationally, and matching burn marks on the doctor blade. You might even feel the additional resistance in the drive, but maybe not.

On another occasion I've seen the entire contents of the developing unit dumped because the enduser was using onionskin media (very thin paper), and three sheets of it were inside the the developing unit. =^..^=

Don N.
12-04-2014, 02:44 AM
I would remove the drum unit, check dv unit's rear mylar seal and be sure the rear spacer collar is not worn since it is trashed- blow the collar and shaft out while turning the collar. Clean drum, replace the cl. blade. Clean main charger & grid on all sides. If mylar can be repaired and dv isn't leaking, reassemble & test. Looks like that is just toner dusting from seal leak & concentration of charge on main charger. No need to replace DV unit or DV if no DV was lost. Be sure to replace DV spacer collar with upgrade inner bearing available from Densi if it wiggles on shaft, or at next DV change regardless. I would blow out the nearby clutches (tray 1, & regist.) now, since they may already have toner dust in them.

Don N.
12-04-2014, 02:52 AM
I agree with blackcat you need to check for mag roller & Dr. blade damage, if mag roller is perfect, then not likely anything is inside the DV unit. Hard to tell from pic if any dv is spilled.

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