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    Re: How to retire properly?

    Quote Originally Posted by subaro View Post
    Building wealth today for tomorrow retirement has changed from the generations gone by. Where do you put your money to build the so called nest egg. In europe, japan and other countries, the term "negative interest rates" are being introduced and practiced. Buying real estate in cities are getting unreachable for most people ect. The realities are quite different from the past where, job security was quite normal, with pension plan ect. So, while the basics stand for saving and investing stands, the reality of doing that is extremely challenging in today's economy.
    Negative interest rates are an untested policy, undoubtedly great for the stock market.

    (-Warning- not a financial adviser! This is just my opinion)
    None should "play" the stock market for a retirement account, rather just invest whenever possible into very broad accounts while ignoring the fluctuations. Just pay attention to interest rates (.50% now), if they ever normalize around 4-6% again, then Banks and bonds will be a good place for your money again.

    I can't justify putting too much away for retirement every month, I have to fund my traveling habits. I'm planning to save my tax returns for my IRA along with the meager monthly contributions. I would love to max out the IRA contributions, but it's a little out of reach for me right now

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    No language warning because technically I didn't type anything explicit.

    Current plan is contribute only the "up to" matching amount company pays to 401(k) account, which I do not expect to be available when the time comes, so there's not much loss to handle. Will be opening a CD this winter/spring and making quarterly deposits into it, with the interest rate just north of bullsh!t. I can add all I want to a CD, but it's locked in there at the fixed rate until the time span is completed. Sounds like the safest (and least rewarding) option for me. If I want to risk more, I can take my chances in the market, but I don't make enough to risk much.
    Negative interest rates (where the bank charges you a certain small percentage for the distinct honor of holding an account with them, the smug pr!cks) are occurring already, and if it tests well (meaning there are no bank branches burned to the ground in protest) it may soon become widespread.

    I was going to suggest a safe deposit box at the bank, to store cash or precious metals, (or blackmail, illicit ivory, "cleverly acquired" precious gems, etc.) but after what happened in Greece, that's not a viable option, either.
    Long story, can't explain it eloquently enough to fit my standard, look it up.
    Greek government and bank officials literally raided safe deposit boxes to get cash they "needed" to "keep the country going" (read: maintain the welfare state).

    Somewhere there is a tree working hard to produce oxygen for you to live, NOW GO APOLOGIZE TO IT!


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