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    Re: Anybody ordered through ""?

    No doubt. My prices are right around $500 for the entire fusing unit. Pretty steep, considering I've still got at least 20 of these in the field. I appreciate you calling around, though. Somehow its good to know that I'm not the only one troubled by this.

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    Re: Anybody ordered through ""?

    I've been looking into buying on that site for other various items. I'm still in the research stage but these are the recommendations that I've found:

    • It's best if they have a site or webcam showing the factory or place of business if possible (adds credibility)
    • It's best if they have a dedicated employee that speaks English or whatever your native language is if you don't speak there language (adds credibility)
    • Ideally, if you're big enough and can afford it, you will personally go over there or send a representative to inspect their people, facilities, and products
    • The biggest concerns are obviously getting what you paid for and not getting scammed
    • I recommend asking for samples or offering to buy a quantity of just one or a few for inspection. Many of them have high minimum quantities but if they're legit they should make an exception. (adds credibility)
    • The year is now 2011. F*ck wire transfers, money grams, money orders, western union and the like. Companies like PayPal (I hate them), Google, and not to mention good old fashion merchant accounts so you can accept credit cards are available in almost every country in the world. (adds buyer protection) Again, if they're serious and legit they should be able to accept credit cards. (adds credibility)
    • There are other companies out there that act as escrow services. Meaning you put the money in an escrow account so you're not screwing the seller, and when you get the product you have them release it to the seller so you don't get screwed.

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    Anybody ordered through ""?

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    Re: Anybody ordered through ""?

    Sorry to bump this thread so late but I have ordered off Alibaba and it went fine. They actually make a sleeved C350/C351/C450 lower roller and bought a sample order of 5, they worked great but now I think they want you to buy 20 as a minimum. I was amazed at the shipping speed though I ordered the things on a Friday and ACHed the money, the rollers were in my office the next Thursday, it was quicker than ordering out of California.

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