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    Stay away from Ferrari Owl they are expensive!

    Thanks for your input.

    .OK Google! ... will I need Berrocca this morning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackcat4866 View Post
    As an independent, you'll need an in-office person to sort through the extraneous traffic. For example, every time a machine runs low on toner, out of toner, paper jams, or error codes an email is generated. For me that meant 500 to 600 emails per day in my email box. 90% of these were customer resolved without any interaction from us.

    Within a short period of time my email became so bogged down with extraneous traffic that it was impossible to find the important stuff. Fortunately for me, we got an office person during that time period to sort out all the chaff from the wheat.

    The worst were low volume machines that generated low toner indications for a week or more before they got low enough to require toner installation. After a while we developed a criterion: If a machine remained in error or jam condition for over 24hours, the office person would call about it. We definitely did not blindly send out a tech every time an error popped up. =^..^=
    Try FM (facilities Manager) form Print Audit , is very easy to install and run ... Note with the simpler version you'll only be able to trance network connect devices (there is a other version to track the local connected (USB/Etc)). You can configure the alerts in many ways to minimise the amount of emails you getting. Print Audit provides a full test version on trial for a period (mostly 2 months) ... Since I have it , I can't live without it.

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