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    Risos and the pressure system

    After having issues with the clamps on my RZ970, I had a problem with a transfer belt on the exit (solved), then, another stuck drum problem keeping me busy.
    I managed to remove the drum, after identifying the problem was the pressure roller, stuck in high position.
    After doing a TM 908 to put the pressure level in home position something like 10 times, finally it moved a little and I was able to remove the drum.

    I am currently checking inside the rear of the machine, I have removed the pressure spring to down the roller. I am searching for the origin of the problem.... and it seems the absorber ( pressure level shock absorber in the manual) has... melt? Or it’s just worn.
    Just look at this !
    IMG_3811.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg
    I check and apart from 3mm the whole absorber is, hum, totally exploded.

    So my question is, as I don’t really know how much the absorber is vital for the pressure system, do you think it can be the explanation of my problem (pressure roller stuck on high position?)? thanks!

    I am currently cleaning all the mess from the absorber. I think I am good for a new one, eheh.
    Also, I am trying to adjust the position of the pressure lever, is it possible without drum in the machine?

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    Re: Risos and the pressure system

    Yes you need the absorber that is the cause for the drum removal problem.
    I'm pretty sure you need the drum, with a confidential master on, to do the pressure adjustment. That should be in the manual.
    Good luck.


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