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    Riso RP3700 timing issue

    We looked at a RP3700 that was having a problem with a home position code I believe with 1 drum. They have 2 or 3 other drums that worked fine.

    Working on the drum with the problem- used drum customer bought- it was put back in the machine and then the separator hit the clamper causing a timing issue.

    Our tech says he retimed it mechanically and tested position A and B and they were ok.

    When releasing the drum now it is not locked in position and can not be re-inserted. He has to move it like 3/4 counter clockwise to reinsert the drum. The male part of the
    drum appears to be 90 degrees out of phase with the female part.

    When printing only about 6" appears of a 11 x 17 print.

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    Re: Riso RP3700 timing issue

    machine update:

    The drum does get in a locked position it to make a master.

    Attaching a couple of print samples. Both are 11 x 17 images. 1 of them was supposed to be 2 letter size pages we put on the glass.
    The image that appears on the paper is 1 of the letter size pages. It is face down on the glass on the right hand side of the glass as you
    look at the machine from the front.

    Had the machine try to print out 1 page- it fed out the attached sample with the words on it and then tried to feed another page which jammed inside (I think around the drum
    but I'm not certain of that). This was with only 1 page selected to print. Said Ledger size on the display for paper.20170713152243083.pdf

    (attachment appears to have flipped the pages 180 degrees)


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