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    HP's various part numbering schemes

    I've been at this for over a decade and I'm still not sure what HP is up to with their myriad part numbers. There are at least three item numbers for the CP6015 transfer belt. Bear with me...

    Usually they use a seven or ten digit Canon-style part number, like RM1-3307(-040).

    Other times they use a ten digit HP-style part number, like Q3938-68001.

    And sometimes they have a retail SKU, like CB463A. This one is easy; it comes in a pretty box intended for end users, and probably comes with instructions, gloves, etc.

    But what's the difference between RM1-3307 and Q3938-68001? They're both valid according to Partsurfer, which lists them separately. Are they packaged differently? Different numbers for different types of dealers? Different numbers for different departments within HP? What gives!?

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    Re: HP's various part numbering schemes

    I know exactly what you mean. Still haven't figured it out either. Am in the same boat on the SAME printer, SAME parts. After about 15 or so minutes of research, I finally found that HP has changed the part numbers to the Q3938-xxxxx format. Why???? Dunno. PITA!!

    They do the same thing with plotter parts over time. It will be in the "normal" format, then, over time, they change the part numbers to the Qxxxx-xxxxx format.

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    Re: HP's various part numbering schemes

    I'm not sure about the newer machines, but on the older ones there were different part numbers for new parts and factory remanufactured parts.
    There were also unique part numbers for maintenance kits that many times were based on consumables like the ETB in your initial post. That would be my guess why that has three part numbers.
    I found that it was usually less expensive to order the maintenance kit than the piece part, for what it is worth.


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