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Thread: P2015

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    I know this model had a lot of issues with the formatter pwb. One of my good customers has this as a backup printer at their desk. They knows it wasn't the best printer ever made by HP but would like to keep it. It is connected USB but is a network model. For it to print you have to turn off and back on then it will print until it goes to sleep then lock up again. Once it's locked up it wont print test page, etc. until you turn it off and back on.

    I suspect the formatter is bad as usual but have a question, since this customer is using USB anyway can I replace with a "NON" network formatter instead of a Net formatter. I have 2 NON formatters on the shelf that I would love to use. I upgraded all these dog 2015's a long time ago and got stuck with these boards.

    I remember back when there were a lot of these and HP stop replacing the boards we would bake the formatter in an oven to reheat the solder on board. And it worked most of the time!

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: P2015

    I see no problem swapping a non network formatter board for this printer.
    Make sure to match duplex formatter to duplex printer and non duplex formatter to non duplex printers.
    It still might work if you install a non duplex formatter into a duplex printer.

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