Both M608 printers are having an issue where they have light print on the right side. ( "Tried Toner Cartridges and it did not solve the issue.)

I open the rear door and remove and re-seat the transfer roller and the light print on the right side has been corrected. There is no evidence of broken/distorted parts , but simply re-seating the roller fixes the issue. Possibly a manufacturing problem with the transfer assembly causing intermittent loss of contact with the paper / charge, causing the light printing on the right side?

Note: Because of the way the paper is ejected from the machine, The problem is on the LEFT SIDE of the "MACHINE".

If you are looking at the Configuration Pages, The Light Print is on the "RIGHT SIDE of CONFIG SHEETS""

I have checked with a couple different Tech support people and they have not seen the problem. When they act up, configuration pages and print quality troubleshooting page exhibit the same light print as client's print jobs. It is not the Toner Cartridge.

I am going to order RM2-1248-000 Transfer Roller Assembly
Anybody seen this?