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When the paper Feed Solenoid is Bad (RK2-0269) you will have a feed timing issue. I liken it to a burp. 4200 printer are older machines so I would at least inspect it. The foam on the plunger gets old and turns into glue. I am not sure what that clumping noise is but check this out cause its an extremely prevalent problem with these.

Another thought; If the paper tray is in a bind it may cause this as it lifts. Try without paper and see if the length guide is busted.

It was the solenoid. The customer called back to say it was now jamming. I pulled one off of a 4250 and swapped them out. When comparing the two, the old one was holding a little magnetic charge, causing the lever tho hesitate for a slight moment before snapping back, thus causing the out of time noise. When it stuck for too long, it made the "burp". With the covers on, the noise was funneled to the front, through the paper tray. I had changed them before for failing, but never had one sticky like that. Thanks for the response.