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    Exclamation Help! KM Bizhub C253 error code C-0204


    I still receiving this error message and I cannot print. I already checked tray 2 and is clean and ok. I`m using A3 paper for newspaper in this tray. Anybody can help me please?

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    Help! KM Bizhub C253 error code C-0204

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    this code is lift error in tray 2 , have you checked behind the tray to see if any paper is there stoping the lift moter

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    C0204 (C-0204) at power up.

    CAUSE: Tray 2 elevator failure. Bent mounting bracket for the paper tray lift motor (M8).
    SOLUTION: Remove Tray 2 paper cassette. Inspect the M8 mounting bracket toward the right/rear of the tray cavity to ensure that the metal tab is parallel to the bottom of the tray cavity. Reform the tab and secure in place.

    CAUSE: Poorly seated connectors or failed PRCB.
    SOLUTION: Thoroughly inspect the paper feed tray 2 lift-up motor (M9) connectors. Also check the connector for the paper feed tray 2 upper lift sensor (PS15). The I/O mode can be used to confirm the functionality of PS15. Reseat all connectors on the PRCB. Ensure that all pins for CN7 and CN9 of the PRCB are properly aligned and securely attached. Replace the PRCB (# A02E H001 06) .

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