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    c6500 wrinkles and crimps, wrinkles and crimps.

    Okay so we have our baby working almost. Here's the problem.

    What doesn't work.

    Wrinkles 11 x 17 prints on thinner paper but letter size is perfect.

    Only happens 40% of the time if paper setting card stock. (Using 28lbs paper)

    **Always happens when paper is set to 20lbs - 28 lbs it and printing double sided.

    The good.
    Happens from every tray and bypass. (it's consistent.)

    8.5 x 11 paper is perfect no matter what stock or setting is used.

    What we've done.

    Completely rebuilt and cleaned the entire duplex uni.

    Replaced gears on fuser assembly.

    Any suggestions? Thanks everyone.


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    Re: c6500 wrinkles and crimps, wrinkles and crimps.

    There are a number of areas where this machine can cause duplex problems (depending on the number & type of prints on the machine).
    1. The clear gate/guides in the exit/inversion section can get toner build-up. Open the cover left of the fuser and check the gate and guides that direct the paper to the ADU section.
    2. ADU clutch slipping/worn.
    3. ADU exit guide worn. On the bottom of the ADU there is a black guide that directs the paper back to the registration section that can cause jamming and skew problems.
    4. Exit roller and "one-way" gears slipping. Pull the ADU/Fuser carriage out and look at the left side of the cavity, that is the exit assembly. You need to remove the left cover/FNS/Relay Unit to access it.
    5. Torque limiter in the lower fuser section worn.

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    Re: c6500 wrinkles and crimps, wrinkles and crimps.

    Fuser entrance guide is fine I take it. I believe there is a setting in the tray adjustments of how much pressure the second transfer roller puts up against the the transfer belt. Maybe play with that.

    Color is not 4 times harder... it's 65,000 times harder. They call it "TECH MODE" for a reason. I have manual's and firmware for ya, course... you are going to have to earn it.

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    Re: c6500 wrinkles and crimps, wrinkles and crimps.

    Replace lower fuser roller sleeves and/or bearings.

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