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    Copystar CS4500i display keeps going out

    User called on Monday saying the display wasn't working. Keypad was fine but none of the buttons responded on the display itself. Replaced the display & keypad with a working one and all was good. User calling today saying the display is not responding again
    One of the users did say they got a static shock when they went to use the machine on Monday and that's when the display stopped working the first time

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    Re: Copystar CS4500i display keeps going out

    LOL ... I believe you may have unwittingly solved your own problem. Gee wiz, they get a static shock and the display stops responding, hmmm. perhaps a ground issue?

    Time to do some harness-ground metering it sounds like.

    Its almost like when a client says "I can't scan. When the Comcast guy was out switching our service he said everything is set up ..."

    If you phrase your inquiry properly, you will get the answers you seek...

    Good Luck ... You'll need it! HAHAHA!

    ~Big Dan~

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    Re: Copystar CS4500i display keeps going out

    Did you do the basic outlet checks to confirm proper wiring ( hot, neutral reversed), grounding ,dedicated line and a line conditioner ?

    Have fun...

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    Copystar CS4500i display keeps going out

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    Re: Copystar CS4500i display keeps going out

    Did you re-load firmware? You never change a board on a Kyocera without re-loading the firmware. =^..^=

    If you'd like a serious answer to your request:
    1) demonstrate that you've read the manual
    2) demonstrate that you made some attempt to fix it.
    3) if you're going to ask about jams include the jam code.
    4) if you're going to ask about an error code include the error code.

    blackcat: Master Of The Obvious =^..^=


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