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    SMB Scanning Warning Low Memory

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    Re: SMB Scanning Warning Low Memory

    Quote Originally Posted by SCBAKER View Post
    i believe its something with there network, but im struggling to get any help from the IT ppl, its pretty sucure location & th same response i get is the old machines didnt have this problem.

    Weve tried scanning directly to my laptop & couldnt duplicate the issue, but at the same time, ive been dealing with this issue for 7-8 months, goin to the site a cpl times a week & watch it scan & only 1 time have i seen this problem occur. the issue is the fact its an older lady how knows what all these features due & wants to try & use them all, she freaked out when we tried to change settings & she does use file seperation everytime, but she uses it pretty frequienty. no one else in that entire place has this issue except 2 ladies. & the older lady set up these programs with all these features, everyone else straight scans.

    were tryin to get them to test pinpoint temporarily to see if the problem goes away, but there fighting that. im fighting a loosing battle, considering ther isnt anything wrong with the machine, in my opinion.
    If you are not getting much support from the IT people you are in for a tuff ride! Is the user scanning to a network folder? What is the memory allocation for that folder? We have a customer that requires all scans to go to a temp network folder and expects the user's then to move their scans to a personal folder. The initial problem was they expected users to move files from the network folder to their personal folders almost immediately, so they allocated little memory space for the folder and found users would scan documents and leave them in the temp folder for days eventually using up the allocated space. If your user is scanning to a server based folder, the message may indicate not that the machine's memory is low, but that the allocated memory on the server folder is low, especially in light of you being able to scan to your laptop without the same issue. Just because the "old machines did not have this problem" means nada! Were they scanning to the same folder, with the same memory allocation, with the same resolution and with multiple scan files? Good luck with getting IT to admit they made a mistake. Had one just this weekend at a major NASCAR event were IT said the machine was bad because it could not pick up a DHCP address from their network, a static IP address worked fine! They would not admit that their DHCP server had run out of addresses to assign even though I showed them that my local router would assign a DHCP address to the unit. IT people hate to be proven wrong.

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    Re: SMB Scanning Warning Low Memory

    I've gone rounds with this type thing too. Do they use "fax forwarding?" If so, keep in mind that that, too, uses the same interface and memory allocation as the scan to smb. If they are jamming outbound faxes into the memory, that too will effect the memory. I found that my clients were slamming up to a dozen faxes into the TX queue while mixing in scans to folders, plus they were receiving faxes that were being forwarded as well. extreme overload of a shared memory allocation. Look into the specifics, but this may be part of or the entire issue. Hope this helps.

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    Good Luck ... You'll need it! HAHAHA!

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