Good day Guys.

I have just upgraded 8 Lexmark 748 MFP's to 4140's. the 748 models all scanned into one of the 3 scan to network destination shared folders on the customers shared network drive all capable of scanning multiple pages in excess of 12. The new deployment of 4140's were introduced with standard 2gb ram and no HDDs. once the scan to folder was set up you could only scan a maximum of 2 A4 pages of text to the folder before a 'Scan Failure' message was indicated. (150 dpi, Highly compresed pdf). I then upgraded the onboard ram to 4gb which now allowed me to scan only 6 pages prior to 'Scan Failure'message. I have since installed an HDD on one machine as a tester, and am now able to scan no more than 12 pages.

I know the 748 machines were capable of many more pages, and I am sure the 4140's are capable of more but cannot find the solution. I have had slow scanning issues before on the 748's but i managed to rectify this by using the ip address as the destination and correcting the DNS settings.

I have opened a tech ticket with support, but i think they are struggling with a resolution and am now finding the pressure is on from my customer.

Any ideas or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.