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    Lexmark T644 - can I disable the manual paper tray?

    I'm not a technician, but the designated office idiot required to keep the copier/fax running.

    Here is my situation:

    The machine wants me to load paper into the manual tray. We do not have a cartridge for this purpose. I cannot get to the menus because of this error and turining the machine off does not solve the problem.
    I tried turning it off and holding down 2 and 6 while rebooting. This gets me to the configuration menu, but I think I need the paper menu and it is not on this configuration screen. I'm unable to access the paper menu from the menu button because the machine pops up telling me to add paper to the manual feeder.

    Tray 1 is letter, Tray 2 is legal. These sizes are the only sizes we use.

    Also - we send jobs from our printers to the copier. As a real estate office, we receive documents from Lenders that contain both legal and letter size paper. In order for these jobs to print, we have to tell the machine to print all the pages on legal size. If we don't, the printer will stop and beep for you to add paper to the manual feeder.

    Is there any way to disable the manual feeder? We simply do not use it and at times, like now, the need to add paper to this non-existant tray means we cannot make copies and that the machine is unable to print any faxes we receive.

    I greatly appreciate any help you are able to provide.

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    Lexmark T644 - can I disable the manual paper tray?

    Ok...If you can't get the machine to print from tray 2 at all, tray 1 is closed, and it tells you to load paper in tray 1 when you are printing from the control panel, you probably have a problem with tray 2.

    1.) Verify that the paper stop in the tray is set to letter (if that is what you are printing from it). If it is 1 notch off it will think you have an unknown paper size in the tray. Print the configuration page from the control panel and see what size the printer thinks it has. If it doesn't say letter or the paper stop is broken, replace the tray.

    2.) If you have an optional feeder, power down the machine, remove the feeder, and power the machine up. Try to print and see if the problem resolves itself. If it does, you have a defective optional feeder.

    3.) Carefully remove the cream/yellow rubber rollers off the roller hubs inside the tray cavity of tray 2, turn them inside out, and put them back on the hubs. Be careful, the hubs are plastic and if you break the roller shaft you'll have to replace the auto-compensator (p/u asm). Run test from the control panel of the printer and see if the problem goes away. If it does, you need new rollers as the old ones are worn.

    4.) Replace the auto-compensator (if you are not a technician, hire one to do this).

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    While I agree with most of the reply poster's comments. I would start more simple. Force the paper size from the Paper menu for the T644 for manual and multi-purpose feeder to something other than letter. Change the paper type to something other then what is in tray 1 and tray 2. Most of the time, that will eliminate the issues. What is happening is that if the paper size for letter and legal are not used, it says, you must be wanting to load it manually. This stops the process of anything else printing unless you clear the error condition. There was some new firmware out there to have the MP Feeder time out. You might want to go to Lexmark - United States and enter in filelist for a list of your specific T644n. That might help to update the engine and kernel firmware to bypass this issue.

    You can check out other helpful Lexmark helps at Colorado Copier Solutions (720) 881-1547 or or email us.

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