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    Cordless Screwdriver

    Hi ya'll, I know I have posted this in the past, but tech changes, and improves.
    As some of ya'll know, Harvey was not kind to me, I lost some tools, my truck, and lots in the house, most of all, my feeling of security of the home, anyway, I need a new cordless screwdriver, I was using a Hitachi from Lowes, and I loved it, well they no longer stock or even carry it in store on online.
    Any suggestions, Panasonic and Milwaukie both have one similar to it, I don't like Dewalts gyro driver, to me a trigger or rocker is still the best way.
    Thanks for all suggestions ya'll

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    Re: Cordless Screwdriver


    Recently I need to replaced my POS Ryobi screwdriver ( fell apart and new model was clutchless), I looked at many options. The best , at least for I, is the Hitachi DB3DL2 with a lifetime tool warranty from Amazon $ 73.00 . Quality far superior to Ryobi. This screwdriver has the features I was looking for...Clutch, fast speed,rocker switch, lightweight and compact. It's comes with two batteries, fast charger and a case. The only complaints I have and they are relatively minor are the rocker switch ( it could be larger) and the light ( not bright enough)...Ohh the light has a separate switch.
    Good luck in your quest.


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    Cordless Screwdriver

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    Re: Cordless Screwdriver

    This is the type Panasonic I have been using for last 20 yrs. Battery fully charges in about 15 mins and lasts for up to a month! Light and balanced. Adjustable Clutch so you don't over tighten. Also a small led light for dark places. I can't tell you how much this screwdriver has made work easier for me. If I'm not mistaken this screwdriver is used in Jap & China factories. Maybe same type screwdriver that put the copier together in first place! Well that is whatever the factory robots didn't do

    Here is link to look at it. Maybe Amazon, etc has better price:
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Cordless Screwdriver

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    Re: Cordless Screwdriver

    From earlier this year...
    Cordless bit driver


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