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    asset tag/machine reference number

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    Re: asset tag/machine reference number

    Quote Originally Posted by Ctl-Alt-Del View Post
    We've been running e-automate and RemoteTech for years so everything is serialized and tagged with a machine ID number. All inventory, every meter, every service agreement, every lease, every shipment is tracked in our system. Techs in the field have full access to all calls and service histories as well as part lookup and inventory availability system wide. The thought of working in this business without such tools is hard for me to grasp because I know service makes it's money in the 3rd through 5th decimal place and trusting math that tight to index cards makes no sense to me.
    Remote Tech is nice, but on mine I can only look at machine history if there is an open call in my log for said machine
    I can't search a tag number or customer, which would come in handy when I am trying to remember a part number or fix i did in the past

    and also, our techs dont get access to e-auto which would be awesome

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    asset tag/machine reference number

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    Re: asset tag/machine reference number

    Quote Originally Posted by mikadonovan View Post
    I print a meter and smc report at each service call, and then write up a quick service report before scanning to my pc where it goes to a folder for that particular customer. Then access is easy, unless I wait too long too scan the data. Then it's a matter of digging through my inbox on my desk. Works well for me. Multiple machine at 1 account are identified by location, model, and the last 3 digits of the serial number.
    I like the idea of storing to eFiling a blank service maintenance report. When a service call is complete, print, write in the details and scan to email back to the office's service email account. Somewhat low tech but free, easy to do and better than nothing for dealers with less than 100 copiers in their fleet.

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    Re: asset tag/machine reference number

    This post got me to thinking and researching.

    Has anyone used:

    PC Repair Tracker - PHP/MySQL Computer Repair Shop Tracking Software


    I'm looking into it now, and it really looks like a good deal. I'll report back what I find.

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