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    Re: Network Services in general....

    Quote Originally Posted by pacman View Post
    Thanks so far guys!!!!

    @Hemlock - Oh, my friend, I have a good one. Installing a little Samsung SCX-5935 in an office. They have about 8 desktops. Not an issue at all. Sure, I'll do it. User code setup? Not to worry! I got that covered. Scan to Gmail? Yep! I can help you with that.

    THEN I find out that it's an office with over 200 people coming in an out of the office at any given time.

    "Could you set up this person's laptop? Oh, and this person? They have Vista. Oh, and they have a Mac, will that be an issue?"

    3 hours later, I finally had to say "no, but I can show you how to do all of these..."
    Exactly! Salestwit insists that you spend a week setting up an office - then can't figure out why their other customers are calling in, bitching about not seeing a tech when needed.

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    Re: Network Services in general....

    Looks like we are not alone in this! IT guys complain that we are charging high rates, but we get the call and have to do the work.

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