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    Re: 3d printing real?

    The humble beginings of the replicator

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    3d printing real?

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    Re: 3d printing real?

    Quote Originally Posted by NeoMatrix View Post
    I thought about buying a 3D printer myself. I would like to hear how you go with it in the future.
    At the risk of upsetting the mech-heads with geek-IT, do you know what printer control language it uses?
    Is it CNC G-code or OEM propriatory code ?

    Just so you know. I have most of the gear here ready to put together a small CNC hobby shop drill/mill router table.
    Neo, from what I've seen so far the makerbot uses it's own software called makerware( From the other things I've found every 3d software does a process called slicing before sending the job to the printer or doing print to file. The makerbot uses usb connection os SD card with a sliced file on it, a .x3g (or something like that ) file type. So i don't know the exact printer language. There is a ton of info for the 3d world online!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out for some awesome freeware 3d software.

    Quote Originally Posted by RRodgers View Post
    Look at the RepRap program... they do!!
    Thanks to RRodgers also this link is great! reprap has links to parts venders and kits to build your own 3d printer......

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    3d printing real?

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    Re: 3d printing real?

    I am planning to be in this industry by Aug 2014 probably with MakerBot. The business model probably is not going to be too challenging for a break/ fix technician with both a maintenance contract and a supply agreement. To understand all of the concepts, software industry jargon and have some practical experience with 3D you need to find someone who sees this industry of the near future as a hobby today.

    I think I am going to buy one with my income tax refund as an investment in my future.

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